On this page you will find information regarding tuition rates, budget, and current needs. 

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All donations go directly to tuition assistance.

tuition rates

Our goal is to make the advantages of a high quality program - small class sizes, being known personally, highly qualified teachers - a possibility for every family on the Palouse. In order to do this we have a Sliding Scale Tuition to increase access to families demonstrating need. There are a limited number of slots available for reduced tuition* but all families are invited to submit financial information to determine the tuition level for which they are eligible. For families who elect not to submit financial information, tuition will automatically be set at the full tuition amount. Full tuition for 2019-2020 is calculated based on number of days per week enrolled, at $33/day.

* all slots will be filled based on financial need as well as a child's fit for our program. We will consider family income, household size, location (commute), age, potty-training, and demeanor. We will not base the decision on race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin. 

Budgetin a nutshell

Why do we share our budget? We want families to be informed on where their money goes and why our tuition has to be higher than other programs (our student to teacher ratio and our highly qualified teachers).

Current needs

If you wish to make a monetary donation please do so through PCEI. You can make checks payable to PCEI with Palouse Roots in the memo line. The following are items needed for our preschool program:

monetary donations for tuition assistance

your volunteer time

Wood for building

stumps for sitting

stainless steel mugs

metal buckets and shovels

magnifying glasses

fence posts

willow for building a wattle fence


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