Frequently asked questions

Is it really all outdoor? What about when the weather is bad?

Yes, it really is all outdoors except in extreme weather. We have a yurt for the class to be in during those times. The idea of "bad" weather is a matter of perspective. If dressed properly we can all enjoy the rain, snow, wind, and sun. We reccomend reading the book There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather by Linda Åkeson McGurk.

Are you licensed?

In Idaho it is not possible to license an outdoor preschool. Perhaps someday it will be. We operate legally as a private preschool as long as we don't serve lunch and only accept children above the age of 3. We are working toward our accredidation with the American Forest Kindergarten Association and are always open to answering questions about safety and accountability.

Do you use standards of learning?

Will my child be ready for public school?